Koena Mitra Slams Sonam Kapoor For Blaming An Entire Religion In Kathua Case

Koena Mitra slams Sonam Kapoor cover

The Kathua case of the 8-year-old girl has sent a shock to all the people around the country. We failed as a nation and feel ashamed as a human after the innocent kid was drugged, kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered.

Asifa Bano was raped by few locals in the Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir and yet no strict actions are taken against the rapist.

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Koena Mitra slams Sonam Kapoor cover There were a large outrage and protest observed in the country. Celebrities from around the country took on social media to demand justice for the 8-year-old, Asifa and also raised some serious questions in front of the government.

Voicing her opinion on the same, Sonam Kapoor wrote on social media, “I am Hindustan, I am ashamed #justiceforourchild 8 years old gang-raped, murdered in ‘devi’-sthan temple #kathua”.

Not only Sonam Kapoor, but many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Richa Chaddha and many more condemned the sordid crime. However, it was Koena Mitra who took on social media to slam the actress for blaming an entire religion in this rape. In her tweet, Koena blasted Sonam Kapoor with some serious questions.

She wrote, “Any comments @sonamakapoor?  You condemded a heinous crime(I appreciate) but gave it a communal twist “Fake Hindus “.
Here is what she tweeted

However, Koena did appreciate the fact that Sonam Kapoor supported the rape and extended her support. However, the actress further appealed to other celebrities for not including religion in this horror rape case. She also said that there have been other rape cases that happened in the country but weren’t hyped much in the media.

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