Man Dies Inside The bus, Conductor Leaves His Body On The Side Of The Highway

man died in the bus, conductor leaves his body on the highway at Tamil Nadu

In a shocking incident from Tamil Nadu, a passenger of an intercity was left on the side of the highway by the bus conductor after he died during the journey. The incident took place in Soolagiri near Hosur.

The man’s friend sat on the pavement of the highway along with his companions dead body waiting for an ambulance. He said that once the bus conductor found he was dead, they dropped his body and continued their journey.

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He said,

“When they found out that he had died, they just dropped us off at the side of the road and carried on,”

The man was waiting for some ambulance to pass through the highway so that he can carry his friend’s dead body. He further said,

“I am just waiting here. If an ambulance passes by, I will try and take his body on it. I don’t think another bus will take us,”

This video shows helpless friend asking for help from others as his friend’s dead body is just lying on the road. This shocking video has left everyone worried.

According to the reports, it is said that the two men are laborers from Bengaluru and were returning home. Both of them had boarded the state roadways bus from Bengaluru to Tiruvannamalai, in northeastern Tamil Nadu. He also said that they had paid Rs. 150 each as the fare and when he asked for refund, the bus conductor denied and just asked the driver to proceed.

man died in the bus, conductor leaves his body on the highway

It is said that the man was stranded with the dead body for 3 hours and a journalist from the area then informed about this incident to the police. Police soon arrived on the spot and did arrangements to carry the dead body.

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