Man Fractures His Leg While Trying To Escape After Raping His Neighbor At Gunpoint

Man Fractures His Leg after raping neighbor cover

Karma is a bitch and this story proves it so!

Crimes against woman are increasing day by day and there is no stop to it. With constant murder and rape stories circulating around the internet, we have brought to a conclusion that not only India but women are not safe anywhere around the world.

In a recent shocking incident, a girl was raped by a neighbor at gunpoint. However, while trying to escape after the rape, the rapist got his leg fractured.

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According to the recent reports, a 25-year-old Nitin Kumar forcefully entered the house of his neighbor on the midnight of 31st Jan 2018. The young woman was at home with her old mother-in-law and her husband was out. Familiar with the situation of the woman, Nitin Kumar forcefully entered the house and raped her at gunpoint.

The incident took place in Bhopal, Muzaffarnagar. As the rapist while trying to escape, the woman started shouting to seek help from the people around. In an attempt to save himself, Nitin jumped from the terrace and got his legs fractured. However, the locals caught him and got him admitted to nearby hospital in order to register a file against him.

Man Fractures His Leg after raping neighbor at gun point

Here is what Ajay Sahdev, SP said,

“An FIR has been filed against Kumar under sections 376 (rape) and 452 (house trespass after preparation for hurt) after the woman was sent to the hospital for her medical examination.”

Further reports say that Nitin Kumar’s family shifted him to private hospital from local hospital before cops would arrest him.

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