75-Year-Old Man Teaching At Masjid Rapes A Student And Records Her Video

teacher rapes a student at masjid cover

In today’s surprising news, a 75-year-old man teaching at Masjid was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old student on Friday. The man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for repeatedly torturing, raping and recording obscene video of the 13-year-old student he was supposed to tutor.

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teacher rapes a student at masjid 2The matter came in limelight when the video of the 13-year-old girl started circulated and was observed in one of the boy’s mobile by few locals.

It is said that the girl along with her friends was on her way to school but the man called them to Masqid with the pretext to give them important notes.

teacher rapes a student at masjid 2 The rest of the girls ran away as the man locked the door but the victim stayed behind as she wanted the important notes for her exam. The man then raped the girl and also threatened her not to speak about this incident to anyone.

He continued to rape her and also took videos while doing so. He threatened the kid to kill her parents if she speaks about the incident to anyone.

The child later admitted that it was her video. She went further to identify the rapist who repeatedly abused her. The neighbor called up the police and the teacher was arrested.

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