Sunny Leone Hit Back At Haters Again, Says ‘She Is Proud Of Her Past’

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Sunny Leone, the famous B-town actress is one among those Bollywood diva’s who is loved and adored by millions of people. In spite of her controversial past, Sunny Leone has managed to win millions of hearts within no time. Once again, Sunny opened up about her past and said that she is proud of what she has earlier done and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

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The actress has recently been on news for all the wrong reasons. Sunny was all set to perform in Bangalore on the New Year’s Eve but unfortunately the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene, a youth group demanded its cancellation. The organization chief said that they don’t want Sunny Leone to perform on the New Year’s Eve as she wears short clothes and does not have a good past.

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Later, the members threatened that if she will perform in Bengaluru on the New Year Eve, they would commit Mass suicide. The actress was left with no option but to cancel this event for the sake of the organization. As per the reports, the protestors said,

“We are against Sunny wearing short clothes. If she wears saree and takes part in the event, even we’ll go watch her. Sunny doesn’t have a good past. We shouldn’t be encouraging such people. We will not hesitate to commit suicide on December 31.”

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For the sake of people’s security, Sunny canceled the event and posted.

Since the police of Bangalore have publicly said that they will not be able to ensure mine & all who attend safety for my New Years event,my team & I feel,safety of the people should always come first therefore I cannot attend.God bless & I wish everyone a safe & happy New Year!

She further said,

To all those who protested and to all those who supported, always remember, never allow others to speak and choose for you.Have your own voice and make your own choices. You are the youth and you are the NEW INDIA! Stand Proud and Stand together. I love you all dearly!

sunny leone says she is proud of her past 2

To all those people who spoke about her disgraceful past, short clothes and being a woman coming from a bad society, Sunny Leone gave a hard-hitting response to them with this post. Posting bold pictures of some of the Bollywood actresses from the past, Sunny Leone proves that she is proud of her past and will not allow anyone to judge her.

She wrote,

A few women in Bollywood who have taught me that it’s perfectly ok to be myself. Sharmila Tagore…Mandakini…Dimple Kapadia…Rekha…Zeenat Aman… Madhubala…

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From Madhubala to Zeenat Aman, these ladies are legendary actresses of their time who shattered the stereotypes and took pride in being themselves. Sunny has perfectly thrashed everyone who raised fingers on her character and tried to shame her for her past.

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