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Microsoft to kill Nokia and Windows Phone brands soon

Microsoft bought Nokia for $7.2 Billion in April, 2014 and finally it is planning to dump the Nokia and Windows Phone brands in it’s marketing materials starting this holiday season.

GeeksOnGadgets had obtained an internal Microsoft document which details about the company’s guidelines for its own brands. Microsoft had been trying to hide the Nokia name from its products and the word ‘Nokia’ is hardly ever mentioned when they launch new devices.

Now, it is confirmed that Microsoft will completely drop the “Nokia” branding from their new devices, which would leave “Lumia” as the hero brand for the upcoming devices. In fact, the recently launched Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 at IFA 2014 will be the final two devices to use the “Nokia” branding on the phone. Future devices to most likely carry the “Microsoft” name along with “Lumia”.

The document also revealed that Microsoft is complacent to place the Windows Phone logo next to their devices in promotions and advertisements, and they would instead place the standard Windows logo alongside them (barring the “Phone” part). Microsoft plans to gradually phase out the Windows Phone name (and OS) which will see the end of “Windows Phone” logo. Microsoft will merge both the Windows mobile and desktop in their upcoming release, Windows 9.

Source: Geek on Gadgets

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