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A Smart Case That Takes You Back to the Era of Polaroids

Polaroids are one of the best things to happen to photography including cheap DSLRs. They were a revolution when they first rolled out. Polaroids deleted the waiting period, and their hand prints were easy to store and flaunt around. Well, with the advent of camera-induced smartphone age, Polaroids have become an affair of the past. But one company has introduced a unique mobile case that might just bring back the era of printed photos that can be viewed without a battery-powered device.

A French startup Pryntcases has introduced a phone case that converts your phone to a Polaroid camera. Presently, the device can only take one polaroid film at a time and takes a minute to print the image, but is still a great case to have. The appeal of physically holding a photograph can’t be matched with the tonnes of electronic images.

The case comes with an accompanying camera app, which has a cool feature. It takes video while you are taking a picture. Then, when you hold the developed picture in front of the case, it will start playing the video.

The developers of the case are working towards making the device faster so that it can deliver an image in half the present time. They will also work towards allowing the case to hold at least ten films at a time. They have expressed their views to set up a Kickstarter page to further develop the device and sell their product. The case is expected to cost $99 and this price makes it a must-have.

Polaroid images have a unique character that just make them visually appealing. It’s great to see that this medium is making a comeback in the digital age. We hope that an improved version arrives soon.

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