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OnePlus Promises After-Sales Service to Indians on Units Purchased Globally

It’s just a few days left for the roll out of OnePlus in India. The Chinese company has won millions of hearts with this amazing device that gives a whole new meaning to all in one. Now, it has taken a while to come to India, but the fans of the device have purchased it from the outside market. For such ardent fans, the company has a gift to express its gratitude.

OnePlus has announced in a forum post that if users have bought their device from official channels, they’ll be eligible for warranty coverage in India. The company will cover the after-sales services of these devices’ owners. The catch is that the users will be able to get the warranty locally and so will have to wait till the company’s customer support is all setup in the country. The terms of service will also be based on local warranty terms.

The company is in its setting up mode and is hiring people. The China-based manufacturer is calling folks to check out their Careers page. This would also be a good opportunity for people to work with a fast growing company and with cutting edge technology. Most of the opportunities are in China, so it would also be a good chance for folks who want to experience new cultures.

It is always good to hear that a company cares about its after-sales service. It is a field in which Indian companies are still lagging behind, leaving the consumers to suffer. After-sales service is an important aspect of a device’s sale, and the companies which provide quality service will see a better future in the market. We hope that other Indian brands will take a clue from OnePlus and would work towards making their product better.

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